Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What does Les Armengauds mean?
Les Armengauds is a French family name with no specific meaning. For instance, the surname of the taxi driver in Revel is Armengauds.

Question 2: Which guests do you aim at?
Our target group consists of adults who like tranquillity, space, the French country, the good life, biking, hiking, enjoying the gardens and lazing by the pool. There are no specific facilities for children: no playground, no supervision at the pool, no special prices. Les Armengauds is not a nudist campsite but nude swimming and sunbathing is permitted at the swimmingpool.

We advertise in:
–           small camping guides
–           nature magazines
–           magazines for women
We hand out flyers at fairs and events for tourists, hikers, bikers, gay people.

Question 3: Are pets allowed?
Pets are allowed, on the understanding that they don’t cause any disturbance for other guests. On a large field of 3 hectare dogs are allowed to run free. However, you can’t leave your pet alone and unsupervised in the gîtes, the cottage and the bar/bistro.

Question 4: Is Les Armengauds easy to reach with public transportation?
We do not recommend it, but you can take a train from Toulouse to Castelnaudary. There you can take a taxi to Les Armengauds.

Or you can fly to Carcassonne, where you can rent a car.

Cax and Marion wish you a lovely holiday at Les Armengauds.

A bien tôt!